You have spent countless hours putting together your big event, traveled continents to select the perfect outfit and matching jewels, but the most important detail remains – how will you – the centre of it all – put your look together? Our expertise is your peace of mind. At Our Studio we have been trusted by international clients from all cultural backgrounds to help put their best face forward. No detail will go unchecked, your outfit will be dressed and pinned professionally, your hair and makeup will last, and you can concentrate on celebrating your day feeling your best. All photographs on this site have been taken with a basic SLR camera and photoshop has not been used on any of the makeup or hairstyles in these images. You will not only look great in photographs but more importantly in person also. Professionally applied makeup will help complete the look you spent so many months pulling together. Just a simple professional application that takes into consideration your unique features can have surprising effects. Together with a professional photographer, you will see amazing results in your photographs. Getting rest is key in putting your best face forward on your wedding day – lack of sleep may lead to puffy watery eyes and inflamed skin. We only take one bridal booking per morning and we start Sikh weddings out at 5am. we are the best makeup artist.


We do runway, fashion, editorial, portfolios, weddings, graduations, and any occasion where you need to stand out from the crowd. We do specialize in wedding and glamour hair and makeup application. Male grooming is also available and is highly recommended for the groom to help discreetly cover imperfections and control shine for photographs.


Professionally applied makeup will last the duration of your wedding day with proper care. Quality products are always used and steps are taken to ensure your makeup lasts. We will provide you with tips for wedding day touch-ups and a list of must-haves. We do provide lip touch ups for bridal clients. We do also suggest clients purchase blot paper or light powder to keep their t-zone oil free and makeup fresh looking throughout the day. Also please avoid makeup transfer by avoiding contact with your face throughout your day (ie hugging relatives cheek to cheek, if you cry – pat your tears with a paper towel, do not wipe your face, etc). Most of the products we use are water resistant in nature. We do suggest once your makeup is complete that you eat with a fork and knife and drink with a straw to ensure your makeup last.


We work full time in the makeup industry – in doing so we are constantly presented with various skin tones and conditions. Whether you are dark, olive, oriental, or have skin concerns such as scars, redness, uneven skin tone or acne – we will be able to help you look radiant for your wedding. The products we use include but are not limited to MAC Cosmetics, Smashbox, Chanel, Bobby Brown, Makeup Forever etc. Shikhamohan is the Best Makeup Artist in Chandigarh, Jalandhar. We are skilled in matching foundation exactly to your undertone. No ashy, cakey or pale foundations will be used! Please take a look at our portfolio to see our work.